Some of the Best Escorts Australia

Australia’s best escorts are independent service providers who work as women. These highly-qualified escorts have been trained to be sensitive and accommodating towards clients’ needs, offering services like sex play and sensual massage as well as dinner parties, business events, social activities etc. Furthermore, many are experts at engaging in erotic conversations – boasting excellent English skills along with oral sex and simulating orgasms!

Australian state and territory laws vary in how they regulate the sex industry; escorts generally operate legally across most of Australia including Sydney and New South Wales. Workers at brothels or running private agencies must register with an appropriate body; independent escorts who transport clients without proper documentation may face charges of “trafficking in human beings”.

Since last week, hundreds of Australian sex workers have shared their stories online using the #facesofprostitution hashtag. This movement was spurred on by a blog post published by Australian website Mamamia last week which detailed the reality of sex work here; Tilly Lawless wrote it and suggested it is far uglier than depicted in films such as Pretty Woman.

Prostitution is a complex issue and it’s impossible to make an impartial assessment of Australia’s current law on this matter. While the government is currently reviewing these laws, some groups have advocated that sex work be criminalised completely.

Decriminalising sex work may harm both the economy and those working in it, yet it must also be remembered that sex work is about more than money – it provides dignity and self-worth to its workers who deserve respect when doing what they love! Depriving them of this right is simply unjustifiable.

Some of Australia’s premier escorts work in local strip clubs, lap dance bars and cabarets; others operate from exotic brothels or abroad in the sex industry. All offer exceptional services and seek clients who will treat them well.

Peer run Escorts Australia reviews provide Australian sex workers with a great resource to share their experiences and meet potential clients interested in what they have to say. Unlike some paid sex sites, peer run reviews are designed for safety and security.

As Australia’s market for escort services continues to expand, more providers are turning to peer review websites as a means of reaching their target market. Peer review websites allow these providers to compete against bigger players by reaching high-value customers willing to pay top dollar for services provided. They list only Australia independent escort agency hottest escorts who provide various services tailored specifically for each customer’s taste.

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