New Jersey Escorts

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Back when searching for call girls was easier, men often visited backpages to do their research and hire one. Due to harsher regulations on these sites, however, they had to close down. But recently more modern alternatives have come online which provide safe and convenient connections between New Jersey Escorts and potential users – one such service being Discreet Encounters which allows men to search and book their desired escort.

Escort in New Jersey is illegal, and being found guilty can have severe repercussions – from prison or jail time to heavy fines and an enduring criminal record. If you find yourself facing charges of prostitution it is imperative that you consult with a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer right away.

According to New Jersey law NJSA 2C:34-1, prostitution is defined as offering or accepting sexual activity for something of value in exchange. Promoting prostitution or loitering with intent to engage in prostitution may also constitute illegal acts; such promotions include selling sexual services directly as well as running houses of prostitution and soliciting clients seeking prostitution acts.

Janet Duran was arrested and charged with promoting prostitution and conspiring to commit sexually-oriented offenses on May 8, 2018. Duran is accused of coercing a Pennsylvania-based woman into traveling to New Jersey before forcing them to engage in unwanted sex activity; her arrest occurred later that same month. This isn’t Duran’s first instance of such charges against her; previously she has also been accused of similar offenses.

Duran was also charged with possessing weapons for use in violent crime; she is said to have brought a handgun with her during her meeting with the victim.

Duran was released on bail and will be brought before an arraignment hearing in June; if found guilty, she faces up to 20 years imprisonment.

Prostitution is one of the most aggressively prosecuted sex crimes in New Jersey. Both state legislatures and local governments take great strides in order to safeguard public welfare against this form of behavior, but its laws protecting victims can be complex; as a result, an experienced New Jersey criminal lawyer should always be sought when fighting this charge.

New Jersey law also protects prostitutes by mandating that business owners of sexually-oriented enterprises keep their premises at least 1,000 feet from one another and from places of religious worship, schools, bus stops, hospitals, childcare centers and residential areas. Furthermore, security cameras must be in place.

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